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CPIM, Star Wars and Princess Leia

CPIM Exam prep

CPIM Exam prep

I am having a busy year studying for my Production and Inventory Management certification (CPIM) and new responsibilities emerged at home. = )

PREVIEW: The last episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 airs tomorrow on HBO and I plan to post some wicked theories… I read the books and I didn’t want to post spoilers to my friends, so I have been waiting patiently. My post on how to pass the CSCP Exam connected me to professionals in my area and I meet them on a regular basis. This could be the beginning of a Mastermind group. I also plan to dedicate some posts to my CPIM Exam Prep.

Before I go on… some BIG NEWS. But first, let me share something that happened mid April.

I watched a YouTube video in the Entertainment section that made me cry. I cried a lot. Teas of joy. What bothered m the most was the fact that it is THE MOST I HAVE CRIED so far this year… something that will become more significant as you read along.

This is the video I watched:

In the following days I found out that I was not alone reacting to that video. The video below is probably the closest to my actual reaction watching the Star Wars teaser trailer #2.

I talked to myself and pretty much lost my mind at the end when Han says, “We are home.” I cried the second, their and fourth time I watched that video. Two months have passed and now I understand why… here is the thought process.

Looking back, I had similar reactions watching the “Do I for her” Simpsons episode, the dog episode in Futurama and the opening scene in Pixar’s UP. All those share a common theme that directly relates to my biggest fear in life: Having kids.

Something very sad happens in the opening sequence of Pixar’s UP. I will not get into details, but I will say it is a great movie. The Futurama dog episode deals with loved ones missing you once you are gone and the Simpsons episode touches on making sacrifices for your daughter.

What about the Star Wars teaser? It is subtle but the entire clip deals with the passing of the torch:

“What was mine is yours”

Looking back today I know exactly why I shed those tears of joy in April… I was holding back tears from the previous month when I welcome my baby girl into this world:

Born March 13, 2015

Born March 13, 2015

For the longest time me and my wife spoke about keeping baby pictures away from the internet and social media, but that lasted 3 hours. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible.

Some people have asked me for a follow-up on what happened after my “You Know Nothing Jon Snow” post where I announce big plans for 2014…

That was the big plan. HAVE A BABY!!

My wife was involved in Disney Princess parties and we still plan to connect to Make a Wish for volunteer work. Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, so one could argue that Princess Leia is a Disney Princess.

Baby Leia says,

Baby Leia says, “Thanks Daddy!”

Well… she is our princess. = )

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  1. Heeey she is the cutest Leia ever, sooo adorable 🙂

    Wishing you an awesome journey on your CPIM endevour 🙂 you will ace it 🙂

    Thanks for being an awesome friend Silvio 🙂



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