Letters to my child. Leadership, Business and Kaizen.


After several years of commitment, hard work and dedication, last year I was promoted to a leadership position. My boss and mentor encouraged me to better myself. Be all I can be. in 2013 I enrolled in two Continuing Education certificates at the University of Toronto: Operations and Supply Chain and the Leadership Certificate.

I have decided to wite down some of the important lessons I learned.. I picture my unborn child every time I work on this blog. My wife and I did not sit down to discuss names yet… so I decided to pick a character from my favourite book, “Ender’s Game”.

Opening this future line of communication with my kid(s) is my way of transforming this into a work of passion. This effort will evolve into life lessons but I am going to open up with what I think is lacking at all levels of our society nowadays, from the education system to our government: leadership.

I am new to blogging. For the first six months I am just going to sit here and write. In the Summer for 2014 I am going to set some time aside to organize, proofread and redesign everything.

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