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CITT – 2017 Canada Logistics Conference in Montreal *Attendance Confirmed

Yesterday I received good news and decided to celebrate.

I bought my wife a Starbucks card. Ordered premium dinosaur toys for my daughter and I signed up for the upcoming Canada Logistics Conference.

Canada Logistics Conference

Montreal, QC Delta Montreal October 25027

In a previous post I outlined some of the choices I made in my path to earn the APICS CSCP certification. The IBF conference in Chicago was definitely a high point in that journey. Meeting international supply chain professionals and seeing Salam Akhtar’s presentation gave me an extra push to hit the books. I am curious to see what the conferences here in Canada look like.

In addition to the two courses at the University of Toronto later this year, today I registered for “Transportation Systems” and decided to attend the 2017 Canada Logistics Conference in Montreal.

Based on feedback from my other posts, about half the initial questions I receive in my E-Mail relate to costs and return on investment.

I am going to list the fixed costs here. Early bird registration to attend the conference costs around $1,674.75 Canadian dollars. Two nights at the Delta equal $428.61*. Flight: TBD.

What you get out of attending conferences is up to YOU. I prepare for the sessions by studying the topic ahead of time. I attend the presentations and take notes.

Delta Hotels Montreal

* Early registration bonus: upgrade to deluxe room for the same discount rate

The sessions are subject to change, but I already have a couple that really interest me. I hope to attend the following sessions in particular

  • Inventory and Warehouse Efficiency
    Learn what inventory efficiency really means and gain proven methodologies for reducing non-productive inventory – at the root – to increase business profitability
    Presented by: Jim McKay, CCLP, Founder & President of the AVLECA Group
  • Leading, Coaching, and Inspiring Multigenerational Teams
    Adapt your leadership skills to manage and mentor people from each generation – including Milennials and Generation X –  to build engagement, retention, and to attract top young talent
    Presented by:  Karen McCullough, CSP, Gen Y and Gen X Evangelist
  • Me, Inc.
    ‘Me, Inc.’ helps you see yourself as a company that YOU manage, and to help you to realize the impact your decisions can have on your career and personal success
    Presented by: Martin Tremblay

I am deeply interested in public speaking. I cannot say that it is one of my top skills, but I do enjoy watching TED Talks on Youtube and paying attention to effective managers, and how they motivate people.

With hard work, one day I may gather enough experience and knowledge to create a meaningful presentation. That is definitely something I would like to do later in my career.

Before deciding to sign up for the conference, I was about to click “BUY” on this item:

After reading some reviews I realized the battery lasts only 8 minutes. I was planning to get it to make some cool videos while walking my dog in the park… and to record myself playing basketball… I know that one day I am going to tell my daughter:

“Your father was a good basketball player. I could hit 3s like Stephen Curry!” She is going to say, “Yeah, right! Who is Stephen Curry?”

I plan to share some posts about the conference. Check back later in the year.

Airport new luggage

Good News: Fresh Start!


If anyone else is planning to start the CCLP designation this year, feel free to reach out to me. It would be cool to create a study group. I have seen some demos on the new iPad Pro and Apple pen… I may get them* to see if note taking is as easy as it looks.

*Got them… delivery date: June 29, 2017

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