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Amazon HQ2: Bring it to TORONTO. #jeffbezos #flyingwarehouse #HQ2TO

September 11, 2017

This is a semi serious open letter to Jeff Bezos. I am going to outline what I think the future will look like, and how it can be a better safer place for my daughter who just turned two this year. This weekend I was working on homework for my Logistics Certification course and we… Read More ›

CITT – 2017 Canada Logistics Conference in Montreal *Attendance Confirmed

Continuous Improvement on Warehouse Efficiency, Inspiring Multigenerational Teams and Personal Branding – 2017 Canada Logistics Conference

Earning the CCLP, CITT Student Honour Roll – Planning Stage

It has been a couple of years since I earned my CSCP designation and completed six Leadership courses at the University of Toronto – School of Continuing Studies. It is time to hit the books again. I have set a new goal: Earn the CCLP designation with marks over 80% in every course. Unfortunately immediate… Read More ›

Warehouse Optimization and the Golden Circle: Reduce Picking Errors

Earlier today a Warehouse Manager posted a question in one of my professional discussion groups. Here is his question: “Are you facing problems with wrong quantities picked by your staff? Do you have any suggestions on how to decrease it?” Lately I have been applying the Golden Circle to a lot of work related stuff. This will be… Read More ›

Highly Effective Teams: Team Models and The Avengers

In two weeks the next chapter in The Avengers saga will continue with the release of Captain America – The Winter Soldier. One of my childhood friends called to talk about the movie and we reminisced about our childhood. We used to read his older brother’s comic book collection once a week. It is hard… Read More ›

Psychometric Assessments: The MBTI

A guest lecturer came to my latest class and talked about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator I am going to try to address the following questions that came up in class: Why isn’t this assessment used more often? Would results change over a lifetime? How come this is not administered in High Schools? How accurate is it?… Read More ›

The Golden Circle. Why do we work?

The Golden Circle, Apple products, The Law of Diffusion of Innovations and The Simpsons. Last year I gave three presentations at work outlining our corporate values and giving my employees a chance to come forward with their core values. One of the things I asked during that presentation was, “Why do you come to work?” Take… Read More ›

Podcast Recommendation: School of Greatness

This is a firm recommendation for a free podcast called “The School of Greatness“. It was recommended to me by a friend who was studying social media management at the time. It is hosted by Lewis Howes and every week he interviews successful people to talk about their path and their definition of greatness. Episode… Read More ›

Feedback: “Good Job” or “Thank You”?

I am not sure this is something every married man can observe, but it is certainly true in my case: my wife is always right. By “always”, I mean she is right most of the time… but I think she rounds it up from 51% to 100%. It is near impossible to argue against someone… Read More ›

Mastermind: Can you start TODAY?

I spent the past week abroad visiting childhood friends. It did not take long for the group to settle down and start talking about goals and dreams. Looking back it played like mastermind session at three in the morning, except it also had an extra component… I am going to call it “liberation”. Perhaps the… Read More ›