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Department outsourced. Ten Steps to Handle new challenges.

April 18, 2017

Handling bad news and looking for work in the post Trump job market.

APICS CPIM: Computer Based Exam Tips

I am going to dedicate some time to create content on how to prepare and pass the five CPIM exams, but I figured the best starting point is to give some advice on how to take the computer based exam. Like in every exam it is important to stay calm and be ready. However, in… Read More ›

Passing the CPIM Exams – FAQ “How much will it cost?”

In this post I cover the cost of completing the APICS CPIM exams and maintaining your certification.

CPIM, Star Wars and Princess Leia

I haven’t made a public post on this blog for over a year. Busy studying, taking care of my newborn daughter and setting up a Mastermind Supply Chain Group.