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CITT – 2017 Canada Logistics Conference in Montreal *Attendance Confirmed

June 16, 2017

Continuous Improvement on Warehouse Efficiency, Inspiring Multigenerational Teams and Personal Branding – 2017 Canada Logistics Conference

Earning the CCLP, CITT Student Honour Roll – Planning Stage

It has been a couple of years since I earned my CSCP designation and completed six Leadership courses at the University of Toronto – School of Continuing Studies. It is time to hit the books again. I have set a new goal: Earn the CCLP designation with marks over 80% in every course. Unfortunately immediate… Read More ›

Attacking The GOAL (Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s)

I drafted this post during the World Cup but I thought it would get lost in the shuffle, among all the posts about soccer. The title of the post is actually a double entendre. Attacking the goal can be read as seizing the chance to reach your objectives, but in this case I am making… Read More ›

Passing the CSCP Exam

For the past couple of months I have been studying hard to earn a Supply Chain certification from APICS, the leading association for supply chain and operations management. This morning I passed the exam on my first attempt! I am now Silvio Kusakawa, CSCP. Before proceeding, visit my Professional Profile.¬†It is important to know where… Read More ›

Podcast Recommendation: School of Greatness

This is a firm recommendation for a free podcast called “The School of Greatness“. It was recommended to me by a friend who was studying social media management at the time. It is hosted by Lewis Howes and every week he interviews successful people to talk about their path and their definition of greatness. Episode… Read More ›

Walking through Fear, “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.”

Jon Snow is my favourite character in Game of Thrones. In the “did not know where to put it scene”, he tells his friend that he did not want to risk having a child because he does not wish his life, the life of a bastard, on another human being. For the longest time his… Read More ›

Mastermind: Can you start TODAY?

I spent the past week abroad visiting childhood friends. It did not take long for the group to settle down and start talking about goals and dreams. Looking back it played like mastermind session at three in the morning, except it also had an extra component… I am going to call it “liberation”. Perhaps the… Read More ›

Goal Setting: Our Business Idea

Most people interested in setting a vision and goals for themselves probably heard about Jim Carrey and his 20 Million dollars to self story. When I was running today I was thinking about the reasons why I am starting a business with my wife. From the start it involved passion first and foremost. We found… Read More ›

Call of Duty: Ghosts. Removed from Shopping Cart.

Hi Ender, Today I retired from video games. I decided that there is no time in my life to accommodate time spent in front of the TV in my comfort zone when my new goals required me to be in my learning zone. For the longest time I have been tricking myself into believing playing… Read More ›

Meeting with my Mentor: Ambition

How is it going son? This morning I had a cool productive meeting with my boss, who is also my mentor. When we landed on the topic of ambition I decided to say it out loud that one of my long term goals is to live on The Kingsway¬†(an upscale neighbourhood in Toronto). Right now… Read More ›