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Step 2.1: Read More Books (Recommended Reading List)

Hi Ender, I am giving myself a deadline to finish up a series of books: March 2014. By the beginning of March I will have read the following books: – Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell (done) – Linchpin by Seth Godin (done) – Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman (done) – The Talent Masters by… Read More ›

Step 3: Running

Good morning Ender. It is 4:20AM now. I woke up. I set up my alarm to 5AM but I woke up now. I slept well. I feel very well rested. I am going to shower to warm up my muscles, stretch in the living room and go out for a run. Your grandparents live about… Read More ›

Step 2: Read More.

Today is my birthday. I sent out a list of books to family as gift ideas, so the next couple of posts will touch on what I have been reading. I have a list of seven books I want to read as soon as I can. The next seven books you see here were read… Read More ›

Step 1: Start a Blog

I decided to start a blog. I do not have an audience but I have important things to say. I am not  telling my wife about it yet but she is going to  find out when the bank statement shows up. I just paid $99 dollars for a one year premium subscription because I figured this… Read More ›