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Earning the CCLP, CITT Student Honour Roll – Planning Stage

It has been a couple of years since I earned my CSCP designation and completed six Leadership courses at the University of Toronto – School of Continuing Studies. It is time to hit the books again.

Lisa Over Achiever

I have set a new goal: Earn the CCLP designation with marks over 80% in every course. Unfortunately immediate registration is closed and I am going to have to wait until the next semester to start my new journey.

On the bright side, this gives me plenty of time to draw a plan of attack. Later this month I am going to sit down and discuss this plan with professionals who already hold the designation for advice.

For now I have registered and paid for two courses at the University of Toronto:

CCLP Prep - Courses

Fall 2017 Session

I have previously blogged about my strategy to pass the APICS CSCP Exam, but I wrote that post after the fact. This time around I would like to post new articles as I take the courses, creating a good database of additional reading and tips to anyone interested in learning more about Logistics and the CITT (Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation).

Explaining the choices

I decided to pick “SCS 0988 Organizational Behaviour” and “SCS 0976 Business Management” as my first two in-class courses. I am going to visit the U of T Library and take a look at the required textbooks for all the business courses, but for now I ordered a book on Organizational Behaviour at Amazon:

Organizational Behaviour - Kreitner

This is not the actual textbook for the course. Looking at the course description and instructor I can tell this course will be heavy on Psychology, so I want to hit the ground running.

I really like Behavioural Economics and how psychological factors influence economic decisions. I have a feeling organizational Behaviour is going to be my favourite.

The Final Challenge

Homer Jumps the Shark

The only other course I have already decided to take is “SCS 3213 Business Writing”. I am going to take that one at the end because I know it will be enjoyable.

At this point I am not sure I am going to take “Foundations of Risk Management”. In 2015-2016 nobody achieved a passing grade over 80%. Sounds like a challenge.

Why pick CCLP and not the APICS CLTD?

Earning my APICS designation was great. My Exam Prep pages get hundreds of views a week and I connect and help people from all over the world.

While it is great to Skype and chat about Supply Chain, nothing beats meeting new students and professionals in person for a cup of coffee. Only a fraction of my new connections through this blog reside in the Greater Toronto Area. As we get busier with life we meet less often.

The Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation is going to offer me more opportunities to network locally and add value to my next employer.

I am still going to APICS events and the CLTD designation is in my long term to-do list.

If you are planning to start your CCLP designation this year, bookmark this page and come back to it later in the year. This is just a goal setting post, more content will follow.

If you have any tips or advice, shoot me a message.



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  1. thanks for sharing. I am considering studying APIC courses with the intent to obtain a certification.


  2. Advice I can offer is to allow your email address to be added to the CITT Toronto Area Council mailing list. This allows you to be informed of when and where and join our networking events such as tours, talks and general meetings. Let me know if this works for you. Send me a reply with the preferred email.
    We are connected on linkedin and I am the Chair of the Toronto Area Council of the CITT and always looking to connect people in the logistics industry.



  1. CITT – 2017 Canada Logistics Conference in Montreal *Attendance Confirmed – Silvio Kusakawa

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