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Earning the CCLP, CITT Student Honour Roll – Planning Stage

May 15, 2017

It has been a couple of years since I earned my CSCP designation and completed six Leadership courses at the University of Toronto – School of Continuing Studies. It is time to hit the books again. I have set a new goal: Earn the CCLP designation with marks over 80% in every course. Unfortunately immediate… Read More ›

Department outsourced. Ten Steps to Handle new challenges.

Handling bad news and looking for work in the post Trump job market.

Dog Donates $500 to charity. Kids Help Phone.

In the age of Search Engine Optimization, users are bombarded by links with misleading titles. I was cautious when picking the title above, but I am sure nobody actually thinks a dog reached into his wallet and handed money to charity. Here is what happened. True story. I filed my taxes at the last minute this year. Like… Read More ›

Wow… where do all pillows go?

I just got back from my February Essentials shopping spree. Earlier today I was on the couch with my wife seeing James Earl Jones guest star in our favourite TV comedy. During the commercial we saw a public announcement that asked, “Did you know all children’s car seats in Canada have an expiry date?” I… Read More ›

Podcast Recommendation: School of Greatness

This is a firm recommendation for a free podcast called “The School of Greatness“. It was recommended to me by a friend who was studying social media management at the time. It is hosted by Lewis Howes and every week he interviews successful people to talk about their path and their definition of greatness. Episode… Read More ›

Walking through Fear, “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.”

Jon Snow is my favourite character in Game of Thrones. In the “did not know where to put it scene”, he tells his friend that he did not want to risk having a child because he does not wish his life, the life of a bastard, on another human being. For the longest time his… Read More ›

Subliminal Messages and early 2014 Reading List

Last week I talked about marketing practices with two friends. One of them raised techniques used by big corporations in the mid 90s in movie theatres: subliminal messages. He said that a study was conducted where frames reading “hungry? eat pop corn” were flashed to the audience at a rate that the eye could not… Read More ›

First Blog Comment: Open letter to Mr. Woodrow

I tried to send an E-Mail to someone who wrote the first comment I ever received in this blog… but it returned. Maybe that person can be reached through this open letter. Here is my thank you note. Good afternoon, Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. I started last week on the… Read More ›