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First Blog Comment: Open letter to Mr. Woodrow

I tried to send an E-Mail to someone who wrote the first comment I ever received in this blog… but it returned. Maybe that person can be reached through this open letter. Here is my thank you note.

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Good afternoon,

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. I started last week on the day I turned 34 years old. My biggest fear is that I will never really have a chance to pass on my life lessons to my child. My dad is battling cancer for a second time. He had lung cancer in 2001 and now bladder cancer. One of my biggest fears is that I may not live to see my child grow up.

Anyways… I started writing letters to my kid and decided to post online because googling my name popped up a  “You don’t mess with the Zohan” add. That is not the only thing I want my kid to see when he googles “Silvio Kusakawa”!! LOL

I am making videos too… like in that old Michael Keaton movie, but those are personal… the blog may actually have information that helps other people to overcome their fears, understand leadership, business and reach for their goals.

Maybe you were drunk, or high when you commented… or maybe you are just one of my buddies with a disguised account encouraging me to continue. At any rate, you were the very first person to comment on anything I have written in the past 10 years.

I really love writing. It is my passion. I used to write science fiction when I was a teenager. I stopped when life got in the way. Recently I was tricked into listening to a guy named Larry Winget. His words changed my life. Just like your kind words on my blog. I am not trying to be a famous blogger… I am just trying to get back into writing something every day and eventually get back to writing novels.

I know that after this long E-mail this is the part where you think I am going to tell you to send me money because I am a Nigerian prince. Not so much. I actually have a great job that I love. Thank you very much for the support. If you feel like sharing anything at all, some sort of personal struggle… feel free.

Just don’t tell me YOU are a Nigerian prince and ask me for money.

Here I thought the internet was filled with trolls. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Have a good day,
Silvio K

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