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Podcast Recommendation: School of Greatness

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes

This is a firm recommendation for a free podcast called “The School of Greatness“. It was recommended to me by a friend who was studying social media management at the time. It is hosted by Lewis Howes and every week he interviews successful people to talk about their path and their definition of greatness.

Episode 43 with Tim Ferriss was one of my favourites so far. He is the author of the “4-Hour Workweek”. However, I highly recommend any new subscribers to start with episode 27:

“How to Make 1 Million Dollars Online”

Despite the title, the episode will now teach you how to make money online. Any sane person knows there is no secret to legitimately achieve that goal. The episode consists of the host telling the audience his success story so far.

What I really like about the podcast is the fact Lewis is actually on the journey with us. He is also learning as he interviews his guests. Added to that the production is excellent and it is completely free except for a 20 second ad for a nutritional supplement called Alpha Brain.

A lot of people who claim to have the secret to make money online will try to sell YOU their secret. Before I even started listening episode 27, I figured the host was going to end that podcast telling his audience to send him money so he can tell the rest of his formula to make money online.

He does not. If he did I would have stopped following/listening.

I work 15 minutes away from home so I don’t spend a crazy amount of time in the car but I use the podcast as motivation whenever I need to get things done. Every now and then I put on some music to relax but when I need to get in the zone I play Robert Greene’s interview, or Shawn Johnson or Daniel Negreanu.

Just a minute ago I went to Onnit’s website and checked out Alpha Brain. Turns out they are also sponsored by UFC’s Joe Rogan. He is listed there as a philosopher, but he is actually  a comedian.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

I have been working six days a week for the past month. Friday someone asked if I still like my job. I really love my job. University courses I took last year on Managing People and Conflict Resolution have made my life at work a lot easier.

I am thankful for The School of Greatness and I know buying the supplements help out the host (use checkout code “greatness” for a 10% discount). However, shipping a $30 dollar bottle of Alpha Brain to Canada costs $14.95!!

I am going to wait until they get better shipping options. Lewis Howes was in Toronto last year. I hope he comes back soon.

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