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Meeting with my Mentor: Ambition

How is it going son?

This morning I had a cool productive meeting with my boss, who is also my mentor. When we landed on the topic of ambition I decided to say it out loud that one of my long term goals is to live on The Kingsway (an upscale neighbourhood in Toronto).

Right now we live a couple of blocks away. Every Saturday when I go running I make sure that that the last two kilometres of my 10k are through The Kingsway. This past Saturday was brutal with cold rain splashing my face… but I kept on going.

I am not sure if that is what Canfield calls visualization but it certainly has a positive effect on my motivation. I can’t give up. The big house on The Kingsway is just part of the goal… I need room to park the fishing boat I am going to get one day. = )

Back to my conversation this morning. Turns out that my mentor actually knows a self made car salesman that lives on The Kingsway. The best part is that when I said I wanted to live there one day, I did not get a sense of disbelief… I wasn’t expecting him to say, “get out of here!!” after all if I ever get to achieve my goals it will be because of all the support he gave me over the past ten years. He actually nodded in approval.

The most uplifting part of the conversation: he shared with me that some of the guys at work think I am eventually moving on from what I am doing now to bigger and better things. On the drive home as I replayed the conversation I was overwhelmed with a sense of elation.

I stopped by a coffee shop, ordered a drink and sat by the window looking out.

Everyone will try to convince you that other people’s opinion should not matter… but every now and then validation from your peers really gives you the extra push to do better.

When I see your mom I am going to tell her about this goal. I wrote it down on a piece of paper two weeks ago but I really didn’t share with her… I don’t know why exactly… perhaps FEAR of setting high expectations and falling short… or FEAR she would not support the idea.

That was a silly thought… back when we were dating I told your mom I liked writing screenplays. The next time she saw me she gave me three books on screenwriting.

She is very supportive. I finished The Success Principles today. There was a part that reminded me of my trip to New York with your mom. Our first date. I am going to tell you about it tomorrow.

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