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The Handbook of Human Performance: My New Everest

The Handbook of Human Performance

Hi Ender,

My next set of readings will cover People Management. I have started acquiring books through friends and family and The Handbook of Human Performance just arrived at my mom’s door.

Yesterday I ran a little later in the day than the previous week. I ran right past my parents so I gave them a call. I was puzzled when my mom asked me about the book, “Are you sure you gave us the right name?”

I went upstairs and understood why. The book is huge!

“You can read it in a week.” My mom said.

I probably could, if I took two or three vacation days and neglected my dog. Lucky for me I started getting the books early and I can plan for it. I was running so I left that book there, still in the plastic.

There are several books left on my current list and I don’t want to change my reading calendar again. What if this handbook is a great read and I can’t put it down? I have read a couple of my favourite books without a single pause in the past, but all except one were fiction.

Yesterday I talked to my parents for about half hour. They gave me some good guidance on some of the things I have been struggling with. I think I am going to run at the same time next week so we can chat again.

Have a good week!

Goal: By April 8th, 2014 I will have read at least once and highlighted The Handbook of Human Performance.

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