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Amazon HQ2: Bring it to TORONTO. #jeffbezos #flyingwarehouse #HQ2TO

This is a semi serious open letter to Jeff Bezos. I am going to outline what I think the future will look like, and how it can be a better safer place for my daughter who just turned two this year. This weekend I was working on homework for my Logistics Certification course and we… Read More ›

80 Awareness: Video Games and Leadership (5 Levels)

There is a 80s Awareness Kevin Bacon video that went viral last week. It is a funny video but there are some good points there. The main idea is that anyone born after 1985 has no idea how hard life was for people living in the 80s in terms of technology. Here is the video:… Read More ›

John Wooden: The Wizard of Westwood

I grew up with a Michael Jordan poster hanging on my bedroom wall. Before moving to Canada I gave that poster to my school coordinator, Hudson Ventura Teixeira. He was my first mentor. Most of our talks were rooted in our love for the game of basketball. ┬áBack then my signature move was the superman… Read More ›

The Handbook of Human Performance: My New Everest

Hi Ender, My next set of readings will cover People Management. I have started acquiring books through friends and family and The Handbook of Human Performance just arrived at my mom’s door. Yesterday I ran a little later in the day than the previous week. I ran right past my parents so I gave them… Read More ›

5 Levels of Leadership: Connecting is key to level 2.

Hi Ender, Over the weekend I read “5 Levels of Leadership” by John Maxwell. While you need to be aware of the five levels, I think this is a book you can save to read when you are first awarded a leadership role. I am going to focus mainly on level 2: Permission. It was… Read More ›