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Passing the CPIM Exams – FAQ “How much will it cost?”

August 18, 2015

In this post I cover the cost of completing the APICS CPIM exams and maintaining your certification.

Highly Effective Teams: Team Models and The Avengers

In two weeks the next chapter in The Avengers saga will continue with the release of Captain America – The Winter Soldier. One of my childhood friends called to talk about the movie and we reminisced about our childhood. We used to read his older brother’s comic book collection once a week. It is hard… Read More ›

Divergent and Psychometric Profiling

My little sister Katie gave me Divergent for Christmas. I finished reading yesterday. I really liked and with the movie coming out this weekend I am sure it will be a big hit. It was interesting to read an interview with the author, included at the end. One of Veronica Roth’s favourite books is Ender’s… Read More ›

Effective Meeting: “Three Es in Team”

Earlier this week I created a task force at work in response to a scheduled audit. I decided to apply some of the concepts I have been learning and to set the mood I used Alex Pentland’s article in “HBR’s 10 Must Reads On Teams”. It turned out to be a very effective meeting so… Read More ›

Simon Sinek: Leaders Eat Last

First impressions are important. Everybody knows that. In books, writers tend to rewrite and rework their first ten pages until they achieve perfection in their eyes. I cannot recall the last meal my wife prepared for me… both comment on my bad memory and the frequency in which she cooks… but I remember “Call me Ishmael“,… Read More ›

Wow… where do all pillows go?

I just got back from my February Essentials shopping spree. Earlier today I was on the couch with my wife seeing James Earl Jones guest star in our favourite TV comedy. During the commercial we saw a public announcement that asked, “Did you know all children’s car seats in Canada have an expiry date?” I… Read More ›

Subliminal Messages and early 2014 Reading List

Last week I talked about marketing practices with two friends. One of them raised techniques used by big corporations in the mid 90s in movie theatres: subliminal messages. He said that a study was conducted where frames reading “hungry? eat pop corn” were flashed to the audience at a rate that the eye could not… Read More ›

Grow a Pair: Ask for What you Want

Hi Ender, A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my parents about a huge reading list I received for one of my classes at the University of Toronto. I must have read out loud  a dozen names, but the one my mom memorized was “Larry Winget”. I don’t know how many books he… Read More ›

The Handbook of Human Performance: My New Everest

Hi Ender, My next set of readings will cover People Management. I have started acquiring books through friends and family and The Handbook of Human Performance just arrived at my mom’s door. Yesterday I ran a little later in the day than the previous week. I ran right past my parents so I gave them… Read More ›

Step 2.1: Read More Books (Recommended Reading List)

Hi Ender, I am giving myself a deadline to finish up a series of books: March 2014. By the beginning of March I will have read the following books: – Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell (done) – Linchpin by Seth Godin (done) – Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman (done) – The Talent Masters by… Read More ›