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Connecting to People: Truck Drivers

Dear Ender, Today something really extraordinary happened at work. I often deal with third party truck drivers. They handle the delivery of our products accross Canada. At work we have strict rules in regards to mutual respect, safety and higyene. For the past couple of months we have been facing some problems making some drivers… Read More ›

Linchpin: Go Google Yourself!!

Hi Ender, Today I was helping proofread your Godfather’s University of Toronto assignment for one of his social media courses. I fell behind on reading “Talent Masters”. Staying on the topic of social media, let me tell you something he learned in Social Media Marketing class last week. Nowadays employers ALWAYS google your name. Specially… Read More ›

5 Levels of Leadership: Connecting is key to level 2.

Hi Ender, Over the weekend I read “5 Levels of Leadership” by John Maxwell. While you need to be aware of the five levels, I think this is a book you can save to read when you are first awarded a leadership role. I am going to focus mainly on level 2: Permission. It was… Read More ›

Talent is Overrated: Deliberate Practice

Hi Ender, I am pretty sure your mom is going to agree with me on one thing:┬ásports will play a significant role in your life. The first time you read Geoff Colvin’s “Talent is Overrated”, you are probably going to think about direct applications to your favourite sport. I wonder if it is going to… Read More ›

Primal Leadership: Empathy

Hi Ender, I read somewhere that repeating something 16 times makes it stick… so maybe after your mom reads 16 posts she is going to come around and get on board. Ender is a name. Your name. I did not finish reading Primal Leadership yet. When you read this one you are going to need… Read More ›

Linchpin: Solve interesting problems

Dear Ender, I read Seth Godin’s “Linchpin”. I am sure I am going to revisit this book in a different post. What I need you to focus on now may have a direct application to your life right now. I haven’t really put a whole lot of thought when it comes to when I am… Read More ›

Good to Great: What does it take?

Dear Ender, I started reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. When tackling this week of intensive reading I had a deliberate order in mind. I decided to skip to this one because today when my boss wished me happy birthday, he said “Be all you can be.” That pumped me up to read this… Read More ›

Connecting to People: Dog Walking.

Dear Ender, Last night I read John Maxwell’s “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”. The author believes that the best leaders are excellent connectors. You need to write this down because it is important: You must learn to connect with every kind of person in any kind of situation. Besides the cookie on the airplane story, my… Read More ›