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Mirvish Saturday Morning Club: Metamorphosis

February 23, 2014

I never told this to anyone but two years ago I fell victim to a telemarketing call. I guess “victim” is the wrong word because I was not duped… two years have passed and I am glad I gave my credit card information over the phone. Two years ago, I was home reading a book… Read More ›

Kafka, Salinger and Watterson: the Gift

I guess I was a little distracted when I sat with my wife to watch Metamorphosis last week.¬†We were really looking forward to watching this play. Back when I was a kid I re-read the first line of the book several times: “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed… Read More ›

Walking through Fear, “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.”

Jon Snow is my favourite character in Game of Thrones. In the “did not know where to put it scene”, he tells his friend that he did not want to risk having a child because he does not wish his life, the life of a bastard, on another human being. For the longest time his… Read More ›

Once the musical: “Those who live in fear…” (no spoilers)

We watched a great musical at the Royal Alexandra Theatre last night. Winner of eight Tony Awards, Once was a great play to close the year. The musical performances were breathtaking and even the smaller roles extremely memorable. The staged lacked the high end production of other plays we watched this year but the scene… Read More ›

Aladdin in Toronto: One Direction (no spoilers)

Last night I took Bekki to watch Disney’s Aladdin at the Ed Mirvish Theatre downtown. As expected the musical numbers are amazing and they picked a great Aladdin. My favourite moments in the play happened when they “broke the fourth wall”. That is not a spoiler. It is not an actual wall they are destroying…. Read More ›

Les Miserables: Dawson’s Creek

Hi Ender, Confession time. I watched Dawson’s Creek when I was a teenager. OK… I am not being honest enough. I loved that show. As much as it hurts to admit, Dawson’s Creek guided/inspired some important decisions I made in my life back then. Your aunt has the entire box collection so if you ever… Read More ›