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Once the musical: “Those who live in fear…” (no spoilers)

Stuart Ward and Dani de Waal

Stuart Ward and Dani de Waal

We watched a great musical at the Royal Alexandra Theatre last night. Winner of eight Tony Awards, Once was a great play to close the year. The musical performances were breathtaking and even the smaller roles extremely memorable.

The staged lacked the high end production of other plays we watched this year but the scene transitions were extremely well executed and they were clever adding “subtitles” when characters were not speaking English.

Earlier in the week I heard an interview with Tim Ferriss about reaching to be the best at what you do, no matter what role you have in a corporation, family or someone else’s life. No matter how small or how big that role, always aim to do your personal best and it will show.

That was certainly the case with one of the characters in the play yesterday. “Baruška” (the girl’s mom) had a small part in the play but the actress (Donna Garner) delivered to perfection. I am not going to go as far as to say she stole the show… that would be a hard task at hand given the musical talent of the two leads, but Baruška’s line at the end of her monologue stuck with me.

(in Czech) “Those who live in fear… die miserably in their graves.”

That line was delivered to a musician who seemed too afraid to take the next step. Someone who kept making excuses not to follow his dream.

Yesterday that line was delivered to me.

More often than not I sit here and type type type… just to make writing a daily habit. In a year or so I am going to go back and make most of these posts private to my son’s eyes, to whom I write… but some of the posts will stay if they could help other people.

One such post will be my (work in progress) post about fear. This blog started on October 23rd as my effort to overcome my biggest fear in life: the fear of leaving no meaningful lessons for my kids.

The cast of the Toronto ensemble

The cast of the Toronto ensemble

Like I said before, Once was a great play to end 2013.

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