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Les Miserables: Dawson’s Creek

Les Miz

Hi Ender,

Confession time. I watched Dawson’s Creek when I was a teenager. OK… I am not being honest enough. I loved that show. As much as it hurts to admit, Dawson’s Creek guided/inspired some important decisions I made in my life back then.

Your aunt has the entire box collection so if you ever get curious, borrow and watch an episode or two. You may even watch the whole series… I won’t hold it against you if you do – I turned out OK.

In a nutshell, a girl named Joey in is friend zoned by clueless Dawson who likes his neighbour Jen. Then there is Pacey, who likes his teacher, then he likes Jen and then he likes Joey… long story short, there is this episode where Joey sings, “On My Own” from Les Miserables.

Before watching the play Friday night I was completely unaware of the story. I had no clue who sang the songs and I assumed that the main character had all the best parts, including singing “On My Own”

During intermission I told your mom at the bar, “The girl in the red hat has the best voice. Too bad she has a small part” To my surprise she sang, “On My Own” later that night. Also to my surprise during that performance I actually understood why Joey sang it in the TV show more than 15 years ago.

It was an excellent play. Very well executed.

In December we are going to watch Aladdin. Your mom is really looking forward to that. We also have tickets to watch Kafka’s Metamorphosis early next year… that one should be interesting. I wonder how they turned that into a play.

As of now I’d say chances are very good that you are going to grow up in Toronto. Even with all the advances in movie technology… I don’t think theatre will ever die. It may get more expensive in the next decade, but your mom and I are going to do our best to take you to watch live performances.

Take it easy!

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