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Running Late: Busy Morning

Hi Ender,

Today I am literally running late. Last night I took your mom to watch Les Miserables downtown and the subway broke down on the way home. We got home pretty late.

The theatre sent me a message pretty much telling me not to drive there:


I still woke up at 5AM today. I wanted to write a summary of the three presentations I gave at work this week. I am definitely going to talk to you about values when you are really young, but I also want you to read my previous post on your first day at work.

Once I have the details worked out, I am going to modify that half hour into a quick orientation session to our new hires. That can help me connect and also establish individual goals, at the same time outlining corporate guidance and mission.

We have your aunt’s Halloween party later tonight. Luigi is coming with us so we need three costumes… we want to follow a theme. We were going to be He-Man, She-Ra and the Skeleton guy… but Luigi did not fit in the She-Ra costume. = )

I am not going to review Les Miz… I am not a critic. I may post something about inspiration and motivation but I am not sure… I would have to tell you something really embarrassing in order to do so… we will see.

Going for my run now. Posting the picture here after I get back, in edit mode.

– – –

Run 13-11-02

I added an uphill portion at Summicrest (from 4 to 5). I have to remember to wear a hat next time I go running in the rain. I stopped by the liquor store on the way back and got your mom a bottle of Moscato.

I am contemplating a new goal: Run the Boston Marathon when I am 50 years old. I know I have to work on my time and form. I never ran a marathon before and I am sure I am going to run a couple before I turn 50, but I am going to save Boston for that year.

Have a good day,

I decided to post about Les Miz later… the embarrassing part: I am going to make a reference to Dawson’s Creek.

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