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CPIM, Star Wars and Princess Leia

June 13, 2015

I haven’t made a public post on this blog for over a year. Busy studying, taking care of my newborn daughter and setting up a Mastermind Supply Chain Group.

Highly Effective Teams: Team Models and The Avengers

In two weeks the next chapter in The Avengers saga will continue with the release of Captain America – The Winter Soldier. One of my childhood friends called to talk about the movie and we reminisced about our childhood. We used to read his older brother’s comic book collection once a week. It is hard… Read More ›

Divergent and Psychometric Profiling

My little sister Katie gave me Divergent for Christmas. I finished reading yesterday. I really liked and with the movie coming out this weekend I am sure it will be a big hit. It was interesting to read an interview with the author, included at the end. One of Veronica Roth’s favourite books is Ender’s… Read More ›

Feedback: “Good Job” or “Thank You”?

I am not sure this is something every married man can observe, but it is certainly true in my case: my wife is always right. By “always”, I mean she is right most of the time… but I think she rounds it up from 51% to 100%. It is near impossible to argue against someone… Read More ›

Romy and Michele: Going Home / Your Inner Child

I had a conversation that reminded me of a silly movie called Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Long story short, two girls living together go back to their hometown for a reunion and decide to lie everyone saying they became very successful. The plot would not work nowadays. If I am not mistaken they… Read More ›

Will Smith: A Big Lesson

Ender, A Will Smith video was shown in class last week. While trying to find it here I stumbled upon a longer version of the same video. I want you to take a look because there are important lessons here that transcend success. Pay attention to the two minute mark. I have no idea how… Read More ›

Linchpin: Go Google Yourself!!

Hi Ender, Today I was helping proofread your Godfather’s University of Toronto assignment for one of his social media courses. I fell behind on reading “Talent Masters”. Staying on the topic of social media, let me tell you something he learned in Social Media Marketing class last week. Nowadays employers ALWAYS google your name. Specially… Read More ›

Gravity: Lessons in Leadership (spoiler alert)

Hi Ender, There is this old movie called Gravity, released in 2013. If you haven’t seen yet please stop reading because there are some spoilers here. I am not going to make this into a movie review. I just want you to stop and think a little about the way George Clooney interacts with people… Read More ›