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Will Smith: A Big Lesson


A Will Smith video was shown in class last week. While trying to find it here I stumbled upon a longer version of the same video. I want you to take a look because there are important lessons here that transcend success. Pay attention to the two minute mark.

I have no idea how long Will Smith will be in the movie business. Later in life he may shift his focus towards something else but when your parents were growing up he was a big deal.

As I sit here writing to you I can’t help but recall one of his best scenes. Sure… it was fun to see him punching an alien in Independence Day, but his very best scene was much simpler and in a different movie. I am not going to tell you which movie because I really want you to be surprised when you see it. His best scene was very simple: he put his foot against a public bathroom door while holding something very important to him.

I know that by not saying which movie I am forcing you to watch a lot of them… please do. Uncle Todd has an extensive wall to wall DVD/BR collection and he lets family borrow movies. You can skip “Wild Wild West”.

At the end of the week I am going to tell you about three 10-minute presentations I am giving this week at work. I am still working on the third part and I think I am going to show part of this video.

You see, I recently said that half the people at work follow me because they have to and the other half because they want to… I am working on lining up employee values with company values and get people on the same page. I finished my first presentation today and it was really well received. People that I did not expect to participate much, really engaged in the conversation portion.

Here is a quick preview.

Goal: Motivate the workforce and shift focus towards safety and company policy.

Day 1: “What is important when you come to work?” People, things and feelings. Goals and dreams. Get people thinking about where they want to go and what they hope to achieve.

Day 2: “What values do you live by? What do you stand for?” Handout with 100+ values prepared. Each person will pick 3-5 and share with the group. Invite them to share examples at work to support their values.

Day 3: “Company values.” Align your values with the company and gear it towards what is important to them. Stay focused. Touch briefly on the idea of a personal mission statement.

My next big set of presentations is going to be on our company’s mission statement.

My boss gave me a lot of input on these… above all he wants people to place a lot of importance on mutual respect. I am going to follow up at the end of the week.

Also… a movie based on my favourite novel is coming out this Friday!

Have a good day!



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