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Amazon HQ2: Bring it to TORONTO. #jeffbezos #flyingwarehouse #HQ2TO

September 11, 2017

This is a semi serious open letter to Jeff Bezos. I am going to outline what I think the future will look like, and how it can be a better safer place for my daughter who just turned two this year. This weekend I was working on homework for my Logistics Certification course and we… Read More ›

Department outsourced. Ten Steps to Handle new challenges.

Handling bad news and looking for work in the post Trump job market.

CPIM, Star Wars and Princess Leia

I haven’t made a public post on this blog for over a year. Busy studying, taking care of my newborn daughter and setting up a Mastermind Supply Chain Group.

Dog Donates $500 to charity. Kids Help Phone.

In the age of Search Engine Optimization, users are bombarded by links with misleading titles. I was cautious when picking the title above, but I am sure nobody actually thinks a dog reached into his wallet and handed money to charity. Here is what happened. True story. I filed my taxes at the last minute this year. Like… Read More ›

The DNA of a Top Performer: Is “Greatness” hereditary?

This past weekend the family gathered at my parents for lunch. My sister said she is reading Gladwell’s David and Goliath. I decided to pick it up. His chapter on the difficulties faced by wealthy families raising their kids really made me think about a course I took last year called “The DNA of Top… Read More ›

Kafka, Salinger and Watterson: the Gift

I guess I was a little distracted when I sat with my wife to watch Metamorphosis last week. We were really looking forward to watching this play. Back when I was a kid I re-read the first line of the book several times: “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed… Read More ›

Walking through Fear, “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.”

Jon Snow is my favourite character in Game of Thrones. In the “did not know where to put it scene”, he tells his friend that he did not want to risk having a child because he does not wish his life, the life of a bastard, on another human being. For the longest time his… Read More ›

Batkid: A Gift

I read yesterday that it cost San Francisco $105,000 dollars to make Batkid’s wish come true.  A lot of people are arguing that there were better ways t spend that money, considering that it belongs to the city. What do you think? My childhood was blessed. I used to be embarrassed but later in life… Read More ›

Business: Partner Assessment.

Hi Ender, Yesterday I made another purchase for our business. Over lunch I talked to a friend and I said my plan was to start in January because Christmas would probably hurt sales. He thinks the opposite is true. I hustled and made another necessary purchase. Our initial purchase was $347 dollars plus tax. Yesterday… Read More ›

The Success Principles: Sleepless

Hi Ender, My favourite part in the book was the little story about the guy who wrote Sleepless in Seattle. Let me share something with you… before your grandpa decided to move to Canada with the family seventeen years ago, the initial plan was to go live in Seattle. We flew there to see if… Read More ›