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Call of Duty: Ghosts. Removed from Shopping Cart.

Hi Ender, Today I retired from video games. I decided that there is no time in my life to accommodate time spent in front of the TV in my comfort zone when my new goals required me to be in my learning zone. For the longest time I have been tricking myself into believing playing… Read More ›

Will Smith: A Big Lesson

Ender, A Will Smith video was shown in class last week. While trying to find it here I stumbled upon a longer version of the same video. I want you to take a look because there are important lessons here that transcend success. Pay attention to the two minute mark. I have no idea how… Read More ›

Dog Competition: Halloween 2013

Dear Ender, I want you to know that most of the fun life lessons you are going to learn will come from your mother. Today I took Sakura to a Halloween dog competition. Your mom took Sakura to a Halloween party. We went to the exact same place at exact the same time. On the… Read More ›

The NBA: A lesson from Magic

Hi Ender, I played basketball growing up. It was an obsession. I am pretty sure some of my close friends and maybe even my sister thought I was crazy when it comes to the game. At one point, after my first trip to Disney I counted 12 basketballs in my bedroom. I used to wake up… Read More ›

Ender: Not a name.

Dear Ender, I just told your mom about this blog. She said “Ender” is not a name. I am going to follow up on that. I think we are changing your name.