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Dog Competition: Halloween 2013

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Dear Ender,

I want you to know that most of the fun life lessons you are going to learn will come from your mother.

Today I took Sakura to a Halloween dog competition. Your mom took Sakura to a Halloween party. We went to the exact same place at exact the same time.

On the drive home I told our dog what she should have done to win. I explained that jumping on the judges did not help. Sakura didn’t say anything. She just kept quiet and smiled. She was really happy. She saw a lot of other dogs and had a really good time. I am sure today was her favourite day this whole week.

Not everything in life is a competition. Maybe first place would cost Sakura her happiness. She really likes to say hello to everyone and would not really enjoy being in her best behaviour just to get a little trophy.

You can learn a lot from Sakura.

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