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Batkid: A Gift


I read yesterday that it cost San Francisco $105,000 dollars to make Batkid’s wish come true.  A lot of people are arguing that there were better ways t spend that money, considering that it belongs to the city. What do you think?

My childhood was blessed. I used to be embarrassed but later in life I was really proud to admit I believed in Superman.  Just like kids who believe in Santa or young girls who believe Disney princesses are real, I honestly believed there was a flying man with a red cape fighting crime out there. I think that belief made me a better person. Call it visualization for kids or the kid’s version of the law of attraction… but if you really believe in something good, you can aim and reach for it.

The other day my wife came home after working late. Sometimes her job can be stressful, specially when she has to deal with difficult people. After she showered and came to bed, I played the bat kid story for her. She smiled, said “faith in humanity restored” and went to sleep. I knew right then and there she had a terrible day at work.

I could have asked her right then and there what happened, but decided not to mention until the next morning. A lot of times the world doesn’t make sense; she grew up in Detroit, she has siblings in the military, she was in Japan during the earthquake in 2011… she was devastated by Sandy Hook last year. You see… that night she went to bed believing we live in a world where batkid is out there.

Perhaps it is our character flaw… but when you KNOW something can be done you are more likely to go out and do it. The city of San Francisco went all out to make a kid’s wish come true. Through social media, that effort reached hundreds of countries and millions of people.

What they did was a gift to more than a little boy with leukemia. It was a gift to all of us. If you haven’t shared yet, let people know… BATKID is out there!!

To those who think it was a waste of money, I will leave you with a quote from the late Heath Ledger as The Joker, “It is not about the money, it is about sending a message.”

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