Letters to my child. Leadership, Business and Kaizen.

Business: Partner Assessment.

Hi Ender,

Yesterday I made another purchase for our business. Over lunch I talked to a friend and I said my plan was to start in January because Christmas would probably hurt sales. He thinks the opposite is true. I hustled and made another necessary purchase.

Our initial purchase was $347 dollars plus tax. Yesterday we spent $160 dollars plus tax. Right now we have all we need to start providing our service. There are some things we can buy to provide a higher level of service but I can put that on hold for now.

Your mom listed her core values: quality, community, storytelling, optimism and decency. She also wrote something about each… and storytelling was unexpected.

It is 4AM. I am going back to bed. I am going to postpone my morning run to have brunch with your mom and to see my sister. I wonder if they know what “mastermind” means. I have read and heard from several sources now that it extremely important.

I still need to learn more about it but soon I am going to start working on “Step 5: Join a Mastermind group

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