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Amazon HQ2: Bring it to TORONTO. #jeffbezos #flyingwarehouse #HQ2TO

This is a semi serious open letter to Jeff Bezos. I am going to outline what I think the future will look like, and how it can be a better safer place for my daughter who just turned two this year. This weekend I was working on homework for my Logistics Certification course and we… Read More ›

The Golden Circle. Why do we work?

The Golden Circle, Apple products, The Law of Diffusion of Innovations and The Simpsons. Last year I gave three presentations¬†at work outlining our corporate values and giving my employees a chance to come forward with their core values. One of the things I asked during that presentation was, “Why do you come to work?” Take… Read More ›

Business: Partner Assessment.

Hi Ender, Yesterday I made another purchase for our business. Over lunch I talked to a friend and I said my plan was to start in January because Christmas would probably hurt sales. He thinks the opposite is true. I hustled and made another necessary purchase. Our initial purchase was $347 dollars plus tax. Yesterday… Read More ›

Core Values Presentation: Three day format

Yesterday I finished my third presentation at work on core values.Here is a summary. Goal: Ensure employees are aware of each other’s personal values and their own. Understand company values and how they can make a contribution. Materials: Whiteboard and at least three different markers (black, red, green and blue used). One big envelope. A… Read More ›

Public Speaking: Workforce Motivation

Hi Ender, I completed the second day of my presentations at work today. I arrived an hour before the meeting and wrote a long list of core values on the board. It was not meant to be all-inclusive. It was just a way to invite conversation. Based on input from my boss regarding what he… Read More ›