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APICS CPIM: Computer Based Exam Tips

I am going to dedicate some time to create content on how to prepare and pass the five CPIM exams, but I figured the best starting point is to give some advice on how to take the computer based exam. Like in every exam it is important to stay calm and be ready. However, in… Read More ›

Effective Meeting: “Three Es in Team”

Earlier this week I created a task force at work in response to a scheduled audit. I decided to apply some of the concepts I have been learning and to set the mood I used Alex Pentland’s article in “HBR’s 10 Must Reads On Teams”. It turned out to be a very effective meeting so… Read More ›

John Wooden: The Wizard of Westwood

I grew up with a Michael Jordan poster hanging on my bedroom wall. Before moving to Canada I gave that poster to my school coordinator, Hudson Ventura Teixeira. He was my first mentor. Most of our talks were rooted in our love for the game of basketball. ┬áBack then my signature move was the superman… Read More ›

Mastermind: Can you start TODAY?

I spent the past week abroad visiting childhood friends. It did not take long for the group to settle down and start talking about goals and dreams. Looking back it played like mastermind session at three in the morning, except it also had an extra component… I am going to call it “liberation”. Perhaps the… Read More ›

Romy and Michele: Going Home / Your Inner Child

I had a conversation that reminded me of a silly movie called Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Long story short, two girls living together go back to their hometown for a reunion and decide to lie everyone saying they became very successful. The plot would not work nowadays. If I am not mistaken they… Read More ›

Business: Partner Assessment.

Hi Ender, Yesterday I made another purchase for our business. Over lunch I talked to a friend and I said my plan was to start in January because Christmas would probably hurt sales. He thinks the opposite is true. I hustled and made another necessary purchase. Our initial purchase was $347 dollars plus tax. Yesterday… Read More ›