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About: Meetings at Work

English is not my first language but I never really had a problem speaking in public. Back in college I gave excellent presentations. I’d even present as a character in costume sometimes. It was fun.

Michael Scott - World's #1 Boss

Michael Scott – World’s #1 Boss

About a year ago in my new role I was tasked to begin every day leading a meeting. I thought back to my college days and how much fun I had preparing presentations but then flashes of Michael Scott at Dundler Mifflin creeped in. I decided that my meetings would be just plain and informative.

Last week I realized I may be wasting a platform. My meetings don’t have to be dry… they don’t have to be an all out production either, but maybe somewhere in the middle.

At least once a month I can try to entertain a little. I don’t know yet… I hand out pay cheques every two weeks… maybe I can prepare something memorable on those days.

This weekend I am going to buy a box set of The Office for inspiration (UK version, if I can find). I am going to set some time aside to search for blogs on effective meetings.

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