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Side Project: Sister Website

Last night I shared with my wife something I found online: batkid.   Definitely the feel good YouTube video of the month. Watching that reinvigorated us to keep going in this new business idea we had. My wife really wants to dress up as a princess and go to hospitals as a volunteer but I… Read More ›

My Google Resume

A couple of weeks ago I enlisted the help of a friend to help me update my resume for our company’s internal postings. We did a Google-resume variation for fun. January 2014 will mark my 11th year with the company. This year in my Supply Chain course I learned about sustainability and the new ideas… Read More ›

New Business: Snow White and Belle

I finally finished reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Earlier I mentioned his first chapter put me to sleep, but now I understand why this book was in my recommended reading list. Once you get past the study of the 11 good to great companies, you get to the realization that the ideas can… Read More ›

Goal Setting: Our Business Idea

Most people interested in setting a vision and goals for themselves probably heard about Jim Carrey and his 20 Million dollars to self story. When I was running today I was thinking about the reasons why I am starting a business with my wife. From the start it involved passion first and foremost. We found… Read More ›

Business: Partner Assessment.

Hi Ender, Yesterday I made another purchase for our business. Over lunch I talked to a friend and I said my plan was to start in January because Christmas would probably hurt sales. He thinks the opposite is true. I hustled and made another necessary purchase. Our initial purchase was $347 dollars plus tax. Yesterday… Read More ›

Step 4: Setting Up a Sucessful Business

Hi Ender, Yesterday your mom and I made our first big purchase and took our first big step towards opening our own business. It was an important day so I wanted to share it with you. I am very excited. Every time I sit here I picture an honest conversation with you. I feel that… Read More ›