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Passing the CPIM Exams – FAQ “How much will it cost?”

In this post I cover the cost of completing the APICS CPIM exams and maintaining your certification.

CPIM, Star Wars and Princess Leia

I haven’t made a public post on this blog for over a year. Busy studying, taking care of my newborn daughter and setting up a Mastermind Supply Chain Group.

Attacking The GOAL (Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s)

I drafted this post during the World Cup but I thought it would get lost in the shuffle, among all the posts about soccer. The title of the post is actually a double entendre. Attacking the goal can be read as seizing the chance to reach your objectives, but in this case I am making… Read More ›

Passing the CSCP Exam

For the past couple of months I have been studying hard to earn a Supply Chain certification from APICS, the leading association for supply chain and operations management. This morning I passed the exam on my first attempt! I am now Silvio Kusakawa, CSCP. Before proceeding, visit my Professional Profile.┬áIt is important to know where… Read More ›